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Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Could an Honest Mistake Lead to Tax Evasion Charges?

    Simply put, it is a crime to provide misleading or false information on your taxes. Whether you intentionally underreport your income, use a fake Social Security number, keep two sets of financial records or claim a non-existent spouse as a dependent, you could face federal charges for tax fraud. What happens, however, when your actions were more careless than fraudulent? The IRS estimates that ...
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  • Understanding the Sexual Assault Laws in Hawaii

    In the state of Hawaii, most sex crimes will fall under the scope of first, second, third or fourth degree sexual assault. While there were previously separate charges for offenses like rape and statutory rape, most of these crimes now fall under the umbrella of "sexual assault." The severity of these charges will depend on a number of different factors, however, including the victim's age and the ...
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