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At the Law Office of Victor Bakke, ALC, we understand that facing a sex crime charge can be an overwhelming experience. We are here to provide the counsel and support you need to navigate this time. Sex crime accusations can result in a substantial amount of embarrassment and aggravation. Not only will you be faced with criminal penalties, but such charges will likely have a negative impact on your personal and professional relationships. With the years of experience that we offer, we can help you protect your reputation and your future.

You need to retain the legal representation of an attorney with a strong background of experience in the sex crime field. Our Honolulu sex crimes lawyer provides aggressive representation that is focused on protecting the rights of individuals we serve. We never back down from tough prosecution or judges, giving you the peace of mind and confidence you need.

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Types of Sex Crimes

It is imperative for you to develop an understanding of your case before you face prosecution. Every kind of sex crime carries its own set of penalties based on the specific factors involved. We can help you understand your situation and prepare for the necessary legal proceedings.

Our firm represents individuals charged with the following sex crimes, as well as others:

Sex crime charges within the state of Hawaii range from petty misdemeanors to felonies. Regardless of the type of sex crime you have been charged with, you can suffer serious penalties and life-altering consequences.

An experienced sex crime lawyer can protect your rights.

If you have been accused of a sex crime, your future and your reputation could be on the line. Not only are you facing serious penalties, such as jail time and fines, but you are also facing sex offender registration. This may affect your daily life, employment status, and housing. It is crucial that you work with an attorney who specifically understands how to handle sex crime charges in Honolulu.

Do not work with an inexperienced legal professional during this time. You need a legal advocate who can aggressively defend your charges and help you avoid penalties. Our Honolulu sex crimes lawyer can represent you and advocate on your behalf against even the most complex charges.

Can you help with my charges?

Our firm is proud to stand up for the clients we represent. Sex crime cases can have devastating consequences on individuals who are accused. For example, the crime of rape carries a Class A felony charge in the state of Hawaii, which is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and up to a $50,000 fine.

It is imperative for you to develop a strong defense before you face prosecution. Every kind of sex crime carries its own set of penalties based on the specific factors involved. We can help you understand your situation and prepare for the necessary legal proceedings.

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