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Do you have a restraining order against you?

An accusation of domestic violence can result in a restraining order being placed against you. In such a case, the restrictions specified in the restraining order could deny or significantly limit contact between yourself and the alleged victim. Restraining orders are so serious, in fact, that the violation of one could drastically enhance potential criminal sentencing and penalties in your case.

Domestic violence has many components, but in Hawaii, it is commonly referred to as "abuse of a family and household member." This means that you could be charged with a domestic violence offense if the alleged victim falls under any of the following categories:

  • Family or household member
  • Your child or stepchild
  • Someone who you have a child with
  • Someone that you are dating

The degree of the domestic violence charges will depend on:

  • The severity of the alleged victim's injuries
  • Whether or not a minor was present during the alleged abuse
  • Whether or not a restraining order was violated

Types of Domestic Abuse

Not all cases of domestic violence involve assault or physical abuse. While this is a very common factor in cases of this nature, a person could be accused of the offense for other reasons. Additionally, accusations of disorderly conduct, trespassing, and kidnapping can all tie into domestic disputes; due to the nature of their penalties, they cannot be ignored.

Forms of domestic violence include:

  • Emotional abuse - the invalidation or deflation of another person's self-esteem and / or self-worth
  • Economic abuse - attempts to make another person financially dependent
  • Physical abuse - any type of violent behavior inflicted on another person, including hitting, slapping, shoving, punching, and biting
  • Sexual abuse - coerced sexual contact or sexual behavior that is enacted without the person's consent

Fight false accusations. We can help!

Some accusations of domestic violence are made out of malice; others are made after a misunderstanding; and some are even made against the wrong person. If you were falsely accused of a domestic violence offense, our Honolulu criminal defense lawyer can help you fight the charges filed against you. With more than 3,000 successful criminal cases to our name, we are more than familiar with the best methods of defense for securing a victory.

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