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Our Honolulu criminal defense firm has successfully handled more than 3,000 cases. Learn more about our victories by reading our case results.

We're not afraid and we don't back down; if you've been charged with a criminal offense, look no further than The Law Office of Victor Bakke, ALC. We are dedicated to defending the accused, and will put our experience to work for you when you enlist our legal services.

  • Not Guilty Verdict
    Bakke Beats Attempted Murder Charge Client was charged with the near fatal baseball bat beating of another man during a large fight. Despite numerous eyewitness claims that Defendant was the assailant, Bakke convinced the jury that the blows were delivered by a third person who fled the scene before the police arrived.
  • Jury Finds Client Not Guilty
    Bakke Uses Facebook To Win Sex Assault Trial

    Client is accused of rape by step-daughter. Bakke's cross-examination reveals that girl is angry at her mother because she would not let her have a boyfriend. Bakke then ambushes the prosecution and confronts girl with postings from her face book page in which she claimed that she was going to get back at her mother by wrecking her marriage with client.

  • Immediate Release from Prison
    Bakke Frees Client After First Two Lawyers Fail Client gets drunk and kills a Doctor in a head on collision. First lawyer pleads her guilty and court gives her maximum 20 year prison term. Second lawyer tries but fails to reduce the sentence. Client gives up and spends 7 years in jail. Family finds Bakke who gets Client's sentence reduced to 7.5 years and she is released immediately.
  • Client Found Not Guilty on All Charges.
    Bakke Wins Federal Illegal Farm Worker Case More than 60 federal agents raid Client's farm and arrest 101 illegal Mexican farm workers. Bakke rejects plea offer and battles the government for more than two weeks in trial.
  • Jury Finds Client Not Guilty on All Counts
    Bakke Wins Juvenile Sex Assault Trial Client is 16 year old boy accused of raping a classmate in the restroom at a public park. Bakke ambushes the Prosecutor and completely destroys the girl's story on cross-examination with text messages and phone records.
  • All Charges Dropped
    Bakke Gets Attempted Murder Case Dismissed Client was charged with stabbing another man in the heart outside of a Waikiki night club. Client confessed to the stabbing to his military commander and to the police. In a pre-trial motion, Bakke was able to suppress the confession and get all charges dropped.
  • Case Closed
    Bakke Gets Murder Investigation Closed Client calls police and tells them that her boyfriend has been shot and killed in his own home. Family finds threatening emails and police think that client shot him because she was jealous of another woman. Bakke works with investigators and proves that the fatal wound was self-inflicted.
  • Case Dismissed
    Bakke Gets "Tainted" Sex Assault Case Dismissed Client is accused of sexually assaulting daughter of family friend that he was babysitting. Bakke files motion to dismiss on ground that girl's testimony is inadmissible because it has been altered ("tainted") by improper interviewing procedures. Prosecutor's own expert agrees with Bakke. For only the second time in Hawaii history, the case is dismissed because of illegally "tainted" evidence.
  • Client Gets Probation and No Jail
    Bakke Gets Probation For Client Who Ran Over Former Chief of Police Client runs over the handicapped former chief of police who is crossing the street in his wheelchair. Chief is seriously injured and rushed to hospital. Client flees and is later charged with hit and run. Bakke negotiates deal with former chief and Prosecutor.
  • Case Dismissed
    Bakke Gets Prosecutor To Drop All Charges After 2 Years of Litigation Client is accused by ex-wife of molesting their 4 year old daughter during a bitter divorce and custody battle. Bakke aggressively fights case for 2 years and is ablt to prove that wife fabricated charges to get more child support and custody. Prosecutor reluctantly agrees to drop all charges.
  • Bakke Wins Sex Assault Trial, Accuser Arrested For Contempt
    Client is accused of rape by step-daughter. Bakke's cross-examination exposes to jury that girl was pressured to lie by her grandmother who hated client. Jury finds Client Not Guilty. Grandmother is arrested in open court for contempt.
  • Bakke Gets Child Porn Case Against Police Officer dismissed
    Client was a Honolulu Police Officer charged with possession of child pornography that was discovered on his computer while it was getting repaired at a local computer shop. Despite the fact that the police had two separate search warrants to search the computer, Bakke was able to convince the Court that the search was illegal and got all the evidence suppressed. Case dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed
    Bakke Goes Undercover to Beat Allegation of Group Sex Assault Client and a friend are accused of sexually assaulting woman who claims that they drugged her by putting something in her drink. Bakke investigates case by going undercover online on the woman's dating web site. Once in, Bakke discovers that she has a history of mixing prescription medications and alcohol and that she has had numerous one night stands with multiple partners. For legal reasons, the case is tried before a single judge. The Judge finds that she was not drugged and that she consented to all counts except for one. Bakke appeals the Judge's ruling and wins the last count.
  • Jury Finds Client Not Guilty of All Counts
    Bakke Wins Trial in Double Sex Assault Client was charged with sexual assault of his ex-wife's daughter and her friend. Bakke investigates ex-wife and exposes that she embezzled $75,000 from her church and used the money to buy the girls lavish gifts.
  • All Counts Dismissed
    Bakke Gets Drug and Gun Charges Dropped Client is convicted felon. Police execute search warrant on his house and truck and find drugs, guns and ammunition. Bakke attacks the police investigation and discovers that the lead Detective lied about the basis for the search warrant.
  • Jury Finds Client Not Guilty of All Charges
    Bakke Proves Student Lied About Sex Assault by Teacher Client was teacher of the year who was accused of rape by student. Prior to trial, Bakke has the prosecutor removed from the case for misconduct. At trial, Bakke exposes student as a liar who made up the story to get attention from other students.
  • Jury Finds Client Not Guilty
    Bakke Wins Trial of National Guardsman Accused of Robbery Client is in National Guard and takes a cab back to base after a night of drinking in Waikiki. Cab driver tries to take advantage of Client by overcharging the fare. Client refuses to pay inflated fare and during the argument he breaks Cabbie's jaw with a single punch to the face. Client flees and is charged 2 years later with Robbery in the first degree. Bakke proves at trial that Cabbie was operating an illegal taxi fare scheme and that Client acted in self Defense.
  • All Charges Dropped
    Bakke Gets Federal Drug Charges Dropped Client is convicted felon visiting a friend when federal agents raid the friend's apartment. Agents see Client hide a back pack in closet. Agents recover the back pack and inside they find Clients I.D. and several ounces of methamphetamine. Bakke refuses to cooperate with government and is able to convince the prosecutor that Client did not knowingly possess the meth.
  • Jury Finds Client Not Guilty
    Bakke Rejects Plea Offer, Wins Kauai Sex Assault Trial Client has relationship with 14 year old girl. Eight years later girl accuses Client of four counts of Sexual Assault in the First Degree. Bakke rejects plea offer of guaranteed probation and risks 20 years if convicted. Bakke proves relationship was consensual.
  • Both Cases Dismissed
    Bakke Gets Judges To Throw Out Indecent Exposure and CPS Case Client is caught exposing himself to students behind a local high school. Client is arrested and Child Protective Services takes away his three children. Bakke retains expert witness and aggressively challenges Prosecutor and CPS.