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If you currently stand accused of a crime in Hawaii, there is little time to waste to pursue the defense that you need to have your charges reduced or even dismissed. Throughout the career of our firm's Honolulu criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Victor Bakke has won more than 3,000 criminal cases and continues to fight for his clients' rights.

We provide defense for individuals who are involved in the following types of cases:

Domestic Violence / Restraining Orders
Charges of domestic violence can create serious damage to the reputation of the accused individual and often result in restraining orders against the alleged offenders. Domestic violence can be charged for physical, emotional, economic, and/or sexual abuse against a member of your household, a spouse or former spouse, a person you had a child with, or someone you are dating. The penalties for domestic violence depend on the severity of the alleged victim's injuries.

Driving Under the Influence
Driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance is a crime that carries serious penalties. From the loss of one's license to heavy fines and imprisonment, DUI charges can substantially complicate a defendant's life. We will handle your DUI case, whether it was a first offense, repeated offense, or has been aggravated by a serious accident or other crime.

Federal Crimes
Crimes that are in violation of federal legislation will likely be prosecuted as in federal court. A federal crime can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the severity of the offense. Various types of crimes fall under the classification of federal offenses, such as kidnapping across state lines, interstate drug trafficking, and bank robbery.

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Property Crimes
Property crimes include crimes related to theft or destruction of another individual's property. They range from lower-level misdemeanors to serious felonies. Some of the most common property crimes include trespassing, robbery, shoplifting, and arson. Penalties for property crimes depend on a variety of factors, including the amount stolen and whether weapons were involved.

Sex Crimes
Our firm places a great amount of focus on representing individuals charged with sex crimes. Sex crimes are among the most difficult and complex criminal allegations that an individual can face. Common types of sex crime charges include sexual assault, child pornography, rape, and indecent exposure. We can help you fight for your rights and future if you have been charged with any type of sex crime.

Individuals commit theft when they exert unauthorized control over another person's property, whether through deception or force. Whether you have been charged with burglary, robbery, embezzlement, grand theft auto, shoplifting, or another theft offense, we can help you obtain the legal guidance you deserve. Theft crime charges are often non-violent in nature, but are still taken very seriously within the criminal court system. With the help of our firm, you can potentially secure a positive result for your theft crime case.

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At the Law Office of Victor Bakke, ALC, you can benefit from our attorney's background in prosecution. Even with a mere citation, you can receive serious penalties that can negatively affect your future. Without knowledge of what information and resources the prosecutor has to win the case against you, you may not receive the defense you need. Our Honolulu criminal defense lawyer is a former prosecutor who can use this knowledge to your advantage.

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